How to Choose Fence Material

A gate and fence go hand in providing a strong barrier to prevent access to the front of a house, property or commercial building. This physical barrier gives you control over unwanted visitors, while also adding an aesthetically pleasing feature to your landscape. Unfortunately, most fencing and gates come with a variety of design limitations. If you want your fence to look its best, and fit within the current constraints of your property, there are several design options that can be employed. These include single and multiple layer panels, lattice and composite structures, vinyl and wrought iron fittings, and decorative concrete or brick work.

Single-layered panels are the most widely employed and provide very attractive results if well installed. These board fences are very cheap to install, but do not offer a lot of flexibility. However, if a fence is of a high quality, with a solid gate, then these may be sufficient enough to keep intruders out. The only downside is that if you wish to add a second fence to the top, it will need to be a bit taller than the one that encloses the garden space.

The dual and layered fence is the perfect compromise between cost and flexibility. It does cost more to set up, but since the panels are fitted in series, the cost is spread out over several years. This allows the fence panels to become progressively thicker over time, giving you azek vinyl gates that has a better looking finish. However, it is not as flexible as the single layered option, and the security will be less than perfect. The gate has the ability to be opened and closed at will, whereas with a fence around the outside, you have to manually do this.

A lattice fence is a highly effective solution, as they offer both security and aesthetic value. Lattice fences can be designed to suit almost any shape or form and are made from a variety of materials. You can choose either single or double lattice panels, which can then be fitted to the existing fence post. Alternatively, you can choose to reinforce the posts with wooden slats or cement, which will also give you the added benefit of giving you greater security. In terms of colour, there is a wide choice, from traditional white, through to modern black.

Swing gates are a very useful addition to a fence, especially if you live in an area where security is a major concern. The main advantage of a swing gate is that it is flexible, allowing you to move it inwards or outwards. This means that you can adjust it to get closer to or further away from your garden space. If you have children or pets, a swing gate will give you greater peace of mind as it cannot be forced open.

Iron is a very popular option for fencing, although there are also many attractive designs available. It is easy to rust and corrode, so may not be the best choice if you are looking for a long term fence. If you are going for a custom design, then iron may not be a good choice. Fencing can be constructed into precast concrete panels, which can then be bolted together. This offers a more permanent fixture than some of the other options, and if you are planning to put the fence in position yourself, then concrete is the ideal choice. Read more, visit

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